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Why Choose BiltTuff

We want to thank our loyal fighters for taking some time and finding out WHY BiltTuff Corporation is most fast growing on the market, and WHY we rank HIGHEST in customer satisfaction!


  1. At BiltTuff, Customer satisfaction is FIRST on the list. We want you to be happy and to train to your fullest . That's why we take extra time in providing the best customer service to make sure all your equipment needs are obtained, you are highly motivated , and provided with the BEST quality products in the industry.
  2. The material we choose for manufacturing our products , is not only the highest quality and specifically made for martial arts supplies, it also includes special coatings which guarantees the product to last for years, in fact we offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on most of the products!
  3. Bilt-Tuff Equipment was originally born many years ago in South Asia , traveled half way across the world gaining experience and knowledge in Martial Arts and in different ways of making equipment. Now in 2010 we can proudly say -" We choose only the BEST for our fighters and we KNOW what we're talking about"!
  4. At BiltTuff we CARE for your needs, that's why we not only Produce and distribute , we also provide CUSTOM designs for the products , making it easy and convenient for business owners to "private label" our equipment.
  5. At BiltTuff we want our clients to train their BEST with ANY Budget, so BiltTuff SAVES YOU MONEY! By manufacturing in USA and offering supplies DIRECT to our clients we can provide the lowest prices on the best equipment!
  6. To our clients convenience , every 2 weeks our products are being updated. We search for new styles and new technologies in martial arts supplies world wide and deliver to our fighters ONLY the Highest rated!
  7. To SAVE TIME to the busy schedule of our clients we designed our web site EXTREMELY user friendly and made contacting us EASY at ANY TIME :  10AM-7PM CALL (626) 293-1863 or TEXT : (310) 409-9225.
  8. At BiltTuff we UNDERSTAND how important a REPAIR of a product might be, that why WE PROVIDE IT ! For information , please contact us by phone : (626) 293-1863  10am - 7pm PST
  9. If you have something you had been looking for and can't find it , let us know , WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU! SIMPLE AND EASY.
  10. We make training FUN ! Attend events! Motivate yourself! We make it EASY FOR YOU. On top of the Home Page click on the "Events/ Information box" and get all the updates for upcoming Martial Arts events PLUS a lot of tips on everything from right nutrition and muscle building to proper equipment and installations!
  11. We ALWAYS offer DISCOUNTS on selected products AND if you're a first time client WE PAY your SALES TAX for you!



BiltTuff- Only For Champions!



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